Royal Enfield – Producing Motorcycles since 1901.

Scooter Style / Noosa Motorcycles is proud to announce that they are now the local dealer for Royal Enfield on the Sunshine Coast.

We are super excited to be welcoming the oldest motorcycle brand in the world into our show room…

Royal Enfield built their first motorcycle back in 1901 with a 239cc engine mounted in a bicycle frame. By 1914, Royal Enfield began producing 3 HP motorcycles with their own engine which sported the standardised Enfield paint scheme of black enamel parts and a green tank with gold trim.

During World War I, Royal Enfield supplied consignments of their 6 HP sidecar Outfit motorcycles with Stretchers to the Crown.  This motorcycle also came with a Vickers Machine Gun sidecar attachment which could be turned skywards to be used against low flying aircraft.  Large numbers of motorcycles were supplied to the British War Department during this time.

The great depression of the 30’s affected the demand for motorcycles, but Royal Enfield maintained steady bicycle manufacturing during this time and the company continued on.

The British Authorities called upon many manufacturers during World War II, including Royal Enfield to develop and manufacture military motorcycles.  One of the most well known of these was the Royal Enfield WD/RE, known as the Flying Flea, which was a lightweight 125cc motorcycle designed to be dropped by parachute.

The Royal Enfield models are iconic and include the:

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI

Royal Enfield Bullet500-right-green-600x463Royal Enfield Bullet500-right-black-600x463

Royal Enfield Continental GT

Royal Enfield BlackGT-site-frontside Royal Enfield GT-slant_front-yellow-600x463 Royal Enfield GT-slant_front-red-600x463

 Royal Enfield Classic 500 EFI

Royal Enfield Classic500-slant_front-tan-600x463 Royal Enfield Classic500-slant_front-black-600x463 Royal Enfield BlueLagoon-April-1Royal Enfield ClassicChrome-slant_front-black-600x463

Royal Enfield BattleGreen-slant_front-600x463 Royal Enfield Classic Desert StormDesertStorm-slant_front-600x463

For more information on the models in the range, click here.