Vespa GTS 300 ‘Classic’

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

New but as distinctive as ever

The design and technology of the Vespa GTS continue to evolve but what never changes are its spontaneous personality and the aesthetic appeal that is such a part of this Italian icon. This elegant travel companion features new details in the style and comfort departments, to make every trip one to remember. All you need to do is hop on and enjoy the ride, while your Vespa GTS does the rest.

Iconic style

Meticulous attention has gone into even the smallest detail of the Vespa GTS. The colours are bright and glossy, the seat and interiors match each other, chrome elements add an extra touch of elegance and even the much-loved “tie” that is such an iconic feature of the Vespa’s front has been given a contemporary refresh.

Practical and no-nonsense

Keyless ignition, remote seat opening, a practical USB port and Bike Finder for easy location in crowded parking areas are just some of the features that make the Vespa GTS exceptionally user-friendly. But wait, there’s more. Its 300cc HPE is one of the best-performing engines ever installed on a Vespa, transforming even the most banal errand into an entertaining adventure.

Enhanced safety

The latest innovations bring new levels of control and handling to the Vespa GTS. The completely-redesigned suspension, dual disc brakes, ABS and ASR traction control ensure stability on even the worst road surfaces and more precise, efficient braking.

Details that make the difference

The Vespa GTS’s personality sparkles even more in its new materials that lend an elegant, sophisticated look. The mirrors, side grills, mudguard crest and even the distinctive “tie” have all been redesigned in the name of innovation, while retaining the timeless Vespa charm and spirit.

Ready for adventure

The new design of the Vespa GTS increases handling and safety through features such as improved suspension and 12-inch wheels fitted with disc brakes. This winning combination ensures a comfortable, stable ride, even at higher speeds or on uneven surfaces.

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