The New SYM DRG160 is coming!

The new SYM DRG160 combines art and function closely with Italian fashion’s unique design element.

The compact, integrated body, single-sided swing arm, and mono shock suspension perfectly present DRG’s top craftsmanship.

A symbol of speed and strength with an extensive list of features.

The SYM DRG160 is equipped with SYM’s state-of-the-art anti-lift engine hanger system (A.L.E.H.) and Zero-Resistance Starter & Generator (Z.R.S.G.).

With a balanced frame design, A.L.E.H. does not cause discomfort to the rider when accelerating, and also increases the stability of the rider at high speed and the swirling maneuvers.  The body length and weight are reduced, fuel consumption and handling performance are improved, and the vehicle weight is only 135kg.

Z.R.S.G. is equipped with the idling stop system. After three seconds of idling, the engine automatically turns off. When the engine is turned on, the engine is driven by the brushless motor to start the engine. There is no delay at the start.

NEW TECHNOLOGY with high performance and an extensive list of features:

  • EURO5
  • All LED lights
  • 158cc Liquid Cooled
  • Only weighs 135kg
  • 13” front and rear tyres
  • Alternator directly drives the crankshaft to start the engine
  • Start / Stop
  • LED digital dash
  • Bosch ABS
  • SYM engine hanger design which improves stability when opening the throttle
  • Traction control
  • Quick charge USB