Royal Enfield

“Made like a gun”

Royal Enfield Since 1901 – The Enfield Cycle Company made motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers and stationary engines under the name Royal Enfield out of its works based at Redditch, Worcestershire. The legacy of weapons manufacture is reflected in the logo comprising the cannon, and the motto “Made like a gun”. Use of the brand name Royal Enfield was licensed by the Crown in 1890.

All Royal Enfield motorcycles are LAMS-approved.


Dapper – White, Grey, Ash
Rebel – Red, Blue, Black


Dapper $7,590
Rebel $7,690

The Hunter’s rider-first ergonomics, revised rake angle, and low centre of gravity has been designed to let you effortlessly manoeuvre the streets of the world’s coolest neighborhoods. An intuitive throttle response guarantees unprecedented agility with every flick of the wrist.


Halcyon – Black, Green, Grey
Signals – Desert Sand, Marsh Grey
Dark – Stealth Black, Gunmetal Grey
Chrome – Bronze, Red


Halcyon $7,990
Signals $8,290
Dark $8,690
Chrome $8,790 – MY22 – Last One In Store Red/Chrome SAVE $1490 NOW $7,300

The All-New Classic 350 continues to embody the traditions and craftsmanship of the past as it is reborn. Inspired by the post-war G2 model, firstborn in the 1950s, the all-new Classic 350 continues to be a testament to the timeless design which took the motorcycling world with awe back in the heydays of British motorcycling. The Classic teardrop fuel tank, the distinctive thump, and the hallmark casquette headlamp – all harmonize as one, rejoicing in the masterpiece that is the timeless Royal Enfield Classic.


Fireball – Yellow, Red
Stellar – Black, Blue, Red
Supernova – Brown, Blue


Fireball $8,190
Stellar $8,590
Supernova $8,890

Cruising: that holy grail where the rider becomes one with the machine and the terrain, and somehow becomes free from the act of riding, primed to soak in the surroundings. The Meteor represents that eternal essence of riding, the spirit of the cruise; with classic contours & timeless design cues, it is an easy thoroughbred cruiser, ready for the open highway and for meeting the challenges of urban commute with equal ease.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 411


Base – Gravel Grey, Mirage Silver
Mid – Rock Red, Lake Blue, Glacier Blue
Premium – Granite Black, Pine Green, Dune Brown, Sleet Black


Base $8,390
Mid $8,590
Premium $8,790

Royal Enfield’s most versatile motorcycle ever, able to take the rider almost anywhere they want to go on-road or off-road.  The Himalayan cradles a rider in its low seat height, and the handlebars and footpegs work in perfect sync to unite the rider with the motorcycle for a comfortable upright posture. The Himalayan now comes with Tripper Navigation and a switchable anti-lock braking system.


Base – Graphite Yellow, Graphite Blue & Graphite Red
Mid – Skyline Blue & Blazing Black
Premium – Silver Spirit & White Flame


Base $8,290
Mid $8,390
Premium $8,490 – MY22 – Last One In Store Silver Spirit as shown in picture SAVE $500 NOW $7,990

Royal Enfield’s high-altitude adventurer DNA has evolved from decades of expeditions and thousands of kilometers of rides across the most challenging terrains in the world. The Scram 411 is derived from this very DNA. It is a multi-purpose tool optimized for agility; an ally that’s always ready for whatever life has in store. This is no cosmetic crossover or pumped-up street bike this is a brand-new subspecies.  Work and play, night and day, rough and smooth, stop and go, fast and slow.


Astral  – Black, Blue
Interstellar – Green
Celestial – Blue, Red


Astral $11,990
Interstellar $12,190
Celestial $12,540

The Super Meteor 650 sits on an all-new frame that’s been sculpted around its twin engine, ensuring nimbleness and ease of handling while adding to its quintessential cruiser form. A tubular spine frame, relaxed riding stance and low centre of gravity give you every bit of the solidity and stability you need, whether you’re cruising down the highway or navigating a busy street.


Classic – Canyon Red, Ventura Blue, Orange Crush
Custom – Downtown Drag, Sunset Strip, Baker Express
Chrome – Mark Two
Dark Alloy  – Barcelona Blue, Black Ray


Classic $10,990
Custom $11,290
Chrome $11,590
Dark Alloy $11,690

The 650 Twin is the rebirth of Royal Enfield’s legendary parallel twin-cylinder engine. And it’s driving two Royal Enfield classic motorcycles – the Interceptor and the Continental GT. While classically styled and visually beautiful, the new engine is Royal Enfield’s most forward-looking yet, with a cleaner, elegant look, fewer components, less weight, and easier maintenance.

The all-new, all-black Interceptor 650 ( and Continental GT 650) features a blacked-out engine and exhaust that unite the aesthetics of both the motorcycle, seamlessly fusing with its chassis and keeping the spotlight on the updated tanks for a look that is guaranteed to make hearts race and heads turn.

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin


Classic – Rocker Red, British Racing Green
Custom – Ventura Storm, Dux Deluxe
Chrome – Mr. Clean
Dark Alloy – Apex Grey & Slipstream Blue


Classic $11,290 – MY22 – Last One In Store British Racing Green SAVE $1300 NOW $9,990
Custom $11,590
Chrome $11,890
Dark Alloy – $11,790

The 650 Twin is the rebirth of Royal Enfield’s legendary parallel twin cylinder engine. Pick your play.

The new Continental GT 650 Twin is an evolution of the Continental GT 535, which in turn, was an evolution of the Continental GT 250 – the original Royal Enfield British café racer. Powered by the all-new 650 Twin, it looks every bit like its predecessor and performs even better.

The all-new, all-black Continental GT 650 features a blacked-out engine and exhaust seamlessly fusing with its chassis and keeping the spotlight on the updated tanks for a look that is guaranteed to make hearts race and heads turn.

Prices, models, and offerings are subject to change at any time.

Not all colors are available at all times due to stock availability. Images are for illustration purposes only.

**Overseas models and colors are shown, these may vary from Australian models.**

ROYAL ENFIELD E5 models come with a 3 YEAR OR 30,000 km warranty, which ever comes first. Some models offer unlimited KM within the 3 years warranty.

AND includes 3 YEARS of roadside assistance.

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