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Tyres and Fitting Good tyres can make a big difference to your motorcycle or scooter. Let us advise you on the best tyre for your riding style and usage. We stock Pirelli as they have a great range for most styles of usage at an affordable price.

Tyres are what keep your scooter or motorcycle on the road – literally…

We can’t stress how important it is to check your tyres regularly.

  • Check your tyre pressures – if you’re not sure what pressures your scooter or motorcycle should run, give us a ring or drop in to see us.  Pressures that are too low or too high can result in increased fuel consumption, poor handling and the need to replace your tyres more often due to accelerated wear or poor wear patterns.  We check your tyres during servicing and adjust pressure for you, but this must be maintained in-between servicing to ensure correct wear.  Pressure gauges are relatively inexpensive and most service stations have digital gauges on their air hoses.
  • Check your tyre tread – poor tread depth or uneven wear can be dangerous.  Many tyres have tread wear indicators that let you know when your tyre needs to be changed. Qld Law specifies minimum tread depth at 1.5mm accross the face of the tread normally in contact with the road – fines do apply for non-compliance.  If you are unsure of how to check your tread, drop in and see us.  We check your tread and wear patterns during servicing and will advise if you are due for a new set.

Tyres and FittingPirelli is one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world. Pirelli has been operating for over 100 years and is well known in the motorcycling world for their technical precision and their advancements in cutting-edge motorcycle tyre technology.

Pirelli has a wide range of fitment of different tyre models for 50cc mopeds through to 800cc maxi-scooters to arrive safe and sound.  So you can commute with confidence.

The Pirelli range caters for all segments of the motorcycling market with performance tyres suited to motocross, enduro, trials, scooter, cruiser, touring, sport touring, sports and racing bike applications, including the exciting new Diablo Rosso II, Scorpion MX Extra X and Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 tyres.

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