Peugeot Django 150 4T

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Inspired by the legendary S55 scooter, Django evokes the 1950s and the prestigious history of Peugeot Motocycles. The Peugeot Django is often considered a good scooter to ride for several reasons:

1. Stylish Design: The Peugeot Django features a retro-inspired design that is visually appealing. It blends classic and modern elements, making it stand out from other scooters on the road. The stylish design can be an attractive feature for riders who value aesthetics.

2. Comfortable Ride: The Django is designed with rider comfort in mind. It typically offers a well-padded seat and ergonomic riding position, allowing for a comfortable and relaxed riding experience. The scooter’s suspension system is also tuned to provide a smooth ride, absorbing bumps and vibrations effectively.

3. Manoeuvrability: The Django is known for its agility and manoeuvrability. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle in urban environments with traffic and tight spaces. The scooter’s small size enables riders to navigate through congested areas and park with ease.

4. Safety Features: The Peugeot Django usually comes equipped with safety features such as a responsive braking system, bright headlights, and turn signals. Some models may also have additional safety features like anti-lock braking systems (ABS) for enhanced stability and control. These features contribute to a safer riding experience.


Classic bodywork and styling, chrome trimming, there’s no escaping the nostalgic charisma here. The Peugeot Django 150 modern-retro scooter will take you back to simpler times and the festive Parisian streets of the 1950s. Now it’s up to you to choose from historic liveries that evoke your inner French flair. Also available in 50cc.


Designed for modern life, the Django has a neatly integrated and lockable dual-compartment glove box with a 12-volt power socket for charging devices on the go, plus a helmet-size under-seat compartment. Its low seat height and spacious, flat floor pan make it comfortable for riders of all sizes while its minimal overall weight and compact size make it easy to maneuver.


Style, presence, and a grand yet friendly welcoming. All of which is made possible by a low seat height (770mm max); a large, flat floor colour matched to the bodywork; elegant anti-slip slats, and glovebox. Your luggage will easily find its place in the vast storage spaces, too. The digital/analog dash blends legibility and modernity with a vintage aesthetic.

Long live freedom! Take to the road with a free mind.



Engine Air-cooled, four-stroke, SOHC twin-valve single-cylinder
Displacement 150.6 cc
Stroke 4-Stroke
Transmission Auto
Fuel System Electronic fuel injection
Max Power 10hp (7.5kW)
Max Torque 9.2Nm
Wheels 12-inch
Wet weight 140kg
Fuel Capacity 8.5 litres
Front Brake ABS Disc
Rear Brake ABS Disc


  • Generous storage compartment beneath the seat
  • Flat footboard
  • Dual compartment lockable glove-box with 12V power socket
  • Modern LED lighting (front and rear indicators, rear light) and signature light in the front grille
  • Semi digital dashboard
  • ABS Braking System
  • Two-tone bodywork
  • Chrome effect bodywork trim
  • 2-year unlimited km warranty & roadside assist

*Some model images on this site show optional accessories not available as standard fitments, such as screens, whitewall tyres, and front & rear carrier racks.