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When oils ain’t oils…

Oils aint oilsWhether you ride a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke, oil makes all the difference.  Good quality oil reduces engine wear and will prolong the life of your scooter or motorcycle.   We recommend and use Motul Oils in our workshop.

Two Stroke Engines

Two stroke oil should be checked regularly so make it part of your weekly checkover, which would include your tyre pressures.  Just open the oil reservoir lid and have a look in – if you can’t see the oil, top it up.  On average, two-stroke scooter engines will use about 1 litre per 1,000 kms. Bikes vary a bit more than this, so remember to check your usage and keep it in the back of your mind.  If your oil warning light comes on, you have to fill the oil reservoir – if you don’t refill promptly, you can irreversibly damage your engine.

For two strokes, we recommend Motul Oils and hold in stock:

800 Factory Line – 100% Ester Synthetic, special formula for high performance two stroke engines, perfectly suited for racing or off road bikes (premix lubrication only).

710 – 100% Ester Synthetic, recommended for high performance two stroke engines with injector or premix lubrication, for sports use and daily riding, on or off road.

Scooter Expert 2T – Synthetic lubricant designed for the latest generation of 2 stroke direct injection or carburetor scooters, designed to specifically reduce smoke, contains exceptional detergent properties to eliminate deposits and keep the engine clean.

Four Stroke Engines

Four stroke oil should be checked monthly – to do so make sure the oil is cold, the dipstick is screwed in and your bike is parked on a flat service (on your centre stand if you have one).  When your four stroke bike or scooter is serviced with us, an oil change is completed.  Most four strokes will not require additional oil if you are keeping to the service intervals recommended in your owner’s manual.

If you are not sure if your bike or scooter needs a top up, just pop in and see us.

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