Handy Accessories for your new scooter!

So you’ve got yourself a scooter…  yay!  How do you keep it looking its best and make sure you get the most out of your new scooter?

In no particular order, here’s a list of accessories which just make your scooter riding experience that little bit better…

Scooter Cover

Rjays Waterproof Lined Motorcycle Scooter CoverWe live in a sunny salty environment here on the Sunshine Coast.  Proximity to the beach, the surf and masses of sunshine may be great for us, but not so great for the plastic or metal parts of your new scooter!   Faded paint or panels, and rusted chrome will ensue!  When your scooter is at home, in the garage or under the carport, even in the carpark at work, pop a scooter cover on it to help protect it.  It also has the added advantage of making it difficult to see, which can help deter thieves.

MotMotul Wash & Wax Aerosolul Wash and Wax

This stuff is amazing!  We use it on everything in store – even the counters!  This cleaner is designed to be used with a microfibre cloth.  Just spray it onto the paint work, chrome work or plastics and wipe over,  It will remove dirt and leave a protective layer on your scooter to help prevent salt from settling on your scoot!  Your scooter will look fab after a clean and it will also smell great!

Disc Lock KinguardDisc Lock

A must have…  a disc lock makes it difficult for that opportunist thief.  They fit onto the front disc of your scooter and prevent the wheel from turning. And for the peace of mind they provide, they are cheap cheap cheap!

Top Box

Top Box Kit New Piaggio Fly 33L Dragon RedYes, there is storage under the seat of most scooters,  Yes, some of them even have a glove box for additional storage.  But what about when you nip up to the shops to get some milk and buy more than you expected?  or you rode down to the Farmers Market, planning to only buy cheese, but there was an artisan baker there with some amazing pastry treats?  or you popped into Bunnings for one thing and bought 4 new seedlings?

If you had a Top Box, you could just pop them in there!

Surf Board Rack

Carver Surfboard RackLets face it, it is the Sunshine Coast… on the Sunshine Coast, we like the water.  The water has waves in it.  When the weather is right and the surf it pumping, can you get a park at First Point?  No!  At some point, you will probably want to ride your scooter down to the beach to boogie board or surf, but where to put your board?  Get a surf board rack.  Problem Solved.  Oh and scooter parking on Hastings Street is untimed… no more checking your watch when you are in the water!


So get out there use your new scooter!