Surfboard Racks

Surfboard Racks

Don’t you just hate it when the surf is up but you can’t get a park. If you’ve got a motorcycle or a scooter, why not fit a board rack to your bike! Then you can carry your board down to the surf without the hassle of parking the car.

The board racks we stock are a full aluminium build, so no rust and they fit directly onto your existing cargo rack.

These have been specifically designed to carry your surfboard on your scooter or motorcycle, but they will also carry your boogie board, beach chairs, beach umbrellas or sun shades – whatever you can think of.

We’ve fitted 100’s of Surfboard Racks to many different scooters and motorcycles over the years – if you are not sure if a board rack will suit your scooter or motorcycle, give us a ring on 07 5455 5249 or shoot us an email at [email protected].

Odds are we may have already fitted one to the same make and model!

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