Vespa GTS300 Sei Giorni Accessories

Great news!  A range of Vespa GTS300 Sei Giorni Accessories is now available.

“SEI GIORNI” ; English “SIX DAY”

The original Vespa “Sei Giorni“ was developed by Vespa  for racing in the 1950s going on to great success winning the 1951 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE).

To coincide with launch of the 2018 tribute to the “Sei Giorni”,  Vespa have released a range of dedicated merchandise designed in the spirit of this iconic model and the perfect complement to the new Vespa GTS 300 “Sei Giorni”.

Accessories available include a colour coded Top Box, Touring Windscreen, Caps, Backpacks, Tshirts and Helmets.

These are available in limited numbers only so preorders are essential!  You can order online on our website or give Rose a ring on 07 5455 5249.

You can check out the whole range by clicking here or on any of the images below:


Vespa GTS 300 Sei Giorni Top Box          Vespa GTS300 Sei Giorni Windscreen           Vespa GTS300 Sei Giorni Helmet

Vespa GTS 300 Sei Giorni Tshirt Front           Vespa GTS 300 Sei Giorni Cap           Vespa GTS 300 Sei Giorni Backpack