The new Royal Enfield Twins

Royal Enfield adds twin-fun to mid-size motorcycling with the new Royal Enfield Twins, the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc Silver

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc Silver Spectre

Reviving its rich twin heritage, Royal Enfield, the global leader in mid-size motorcycling (250-750cc), introduces the new Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 and the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650.

The Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 ushers in the idea of the 1960’s fun, relaxed motorcycles from the sun-drenched California beaches.  With its classic tear-drop shaped fuel-tank, quilted twin-seat and distinctive wide braced handlebars, the Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 looks every bit the stunning Roadster that it is.

An all-new, dedicated steel-tube cradle chassis makes the Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 an easy going, versatile motorcycle which is as perfect for riding in the city, as it is for a leisurely weekend cruise.  The wide braced handlebars offer comfortable ergonomics and a confident, commanding riding position, allowing the rider to make the most of the agile chassis.  The motorcycle is equipped with classic 18″ front and rear Pirelli tyres and twin shock absorbers, along with front and rear disc brakes with ABS.  A ground clearance of 174mm and a seat height of 804mm, ensure that the Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 gives a superlative riding experience.

Two iconic legends – two distinct characters – a Roadster and a Cafe Racer

The all-new 650cc Twin from Royal Enfield:  47BHP, 53 NM, 270 degree crank, 8 valves with SOHC.The twin motorcycles are powered by the first modern Royal Enfield 650 twin engine.  This new platform is a single overhead cam, 8 valve, air/oil cooled, 648cc parallel twin, producing 47bhp and 52Nm.  The engine has a strong low and mid-range performance, retaining the Royal Enfield character of accessible torque through the rev range.  Also new to the Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650, is the six-speed gearbox, especially developed for this motorcycle.  The gearbox is augmented by its ‘slip/assist’ clutch, that facilitates easy riding in traffic with a light feel, and prevents wheel-hop when downshifting gears – also a first for Royal Enfield.  The chassis has been developed from the ground up by the team at Royal Enfield’s UK Technology Centre and Harris Performance.  It has been engineered and fine-tuned for enhanced agility that can handle different terrains and speeds with ease while retaining the period classic style.

Motorcycles that are versatile, fun, agile, unintimidating and accessible

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650cc Black Gold

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650cc Black Magic

In addition to the Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650, Royal Enfield is also introducing the ground-up, all new Royal Enfield Continental GT 650.  The motorcycle retains its central cafe racer character while bringing in new engineering and design improvements.  It shares its engine, chassis and running parts with its twin, the Interceptor INT 650, while offering completely different ergonomics and style.  The motorcycle has an eager, front-leaning stance that gives it a sporty look and speedy form.  The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650‘s ergonomics offer easy reach to the mid-level handlebars, for an optimum blend of steering feel and comfort with no compromise to its 12.5L fuel tank capacity.  Like the Interceptor INT 650, the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 sports disc brakes front and the rear with ABS.  The upswept exhaust and rear-set footrests give the motorcycle plenty of lean angle, essential for any true cafe racer.  The single seat, sculpted tank, and clip on bars complete the authentic look.  The rider feels ‘one’ with the machine, whether commuting on city roads, or scraping knees down their favourite backroads and twisties.

Powered by the first modern Royal Enfield 50 parallel twin engine

Both the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 and the Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 will be available in a variety of colourways and two distinct styles – Standard and Retro Custom.  A total of 11 options have been developed with the objective of appealing to the discerning heritage seeking rider, just as much as the modern rider seeking a classic motorcycle.  While the Standard range of colourways take inspiration from the motorcycles of the 50’s and 60’s, the Retro Custom range is a bolder version of graphics and colours.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc Gold

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc Gold

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