ROYAL ENFIELD 650 TWINS. Available for pre-order now

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The Legend Returns. A Journey Begins.

“The Legend Returns. A Journey Begins.” with the new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Twin and the new Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin, powered by the 650 Twin. Heritage-inspired machines that carry the Royal Enfield legacy and character into the 21st century.  Scott and Andrea were lucky enough to be in Sydney at the Sydney Motorcycle Expo in November 2017 to see the Australian unveiling of the new Royal Enfield 650cc Twins….  they are beautiful!  As Royal Enfield say, “The Legend Returns.  A Journey Begins.”

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650cc Black Magic

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650cc Black Magic

Twin is in

The 650 Twin is a rebirth of Royal Enfield’s legendary parallel twin cyclinder engine.  And it’s driving two new Royal Enfield classic motorcycles – the Royal Enfield Interceptor and the Royal Enfield Continental GT.  While classically styled and visually beautiful, the new engine is Royal Enfields’ most forward looking yet, with a cleaner, elegant look, fewer components, less weight and easier maintenance.

Old-School New

A single-piece forged crank with 270 degree firing order was developed for the way the engine ‘feels’ when making its power.  An old school inspired engine with high character, it delivers power smoothly.  The slightly off-beat feel of a 270 degree crank engine makes it feel truly special and keeps a broad spread of torque at your disposal throughout the rev range.  The highly precise Bosch fuel injection system ensures smooth, accessible power that is available from the moment the throttle is open.

The Parallel with No Parallel

Of course, the 650 Twin is notable not only for its character, but also for its sound.  Developing the right tone and burble from its twin silencers was an important goal during the engine’s creation,  Whether at idle or at full chat, during over-run or while winding on the power, the exhaust note just oozes individuality.

Framed like a Picture

Beauty is often overlooked in chassis design,  But this new frame blends the authentic form of period classics with the superb handling and ride of modern engineering.  The result is a chassis that’s nimble and precise, making for a pure enjoyable ride.  Whether on the Interceptor, or the Continental GT.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc Black Red

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650cc

#RoyalEnfieldTwins available for pre-order now!

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