Scott went to Nepal

Scott went to Nepal: Himalayan Heroes March 2017Yup – I’m sure he’s told everyone about it, but in case you didn’t know Scott went to Nepal in March 2017 with 3 of his mates, Danny, Jarrod and Carl…

They traveled with Himalayan Heroes, who organise everything on the ground for you – accommodation, transfers, bikes, food, the lot!   All you need to do is arrange to get there and the rest is done for you.

All 4 of them have repeatedly said the same thing – “It was amazing”, “The trip of a lifetime”, “Can we do it again?” ever since they returned to Australia.

Scott went to Nepal: Himalayan Heroes March 2017Starting in Kathmandu, they got to know the other members of the group at Happy Hour on the hotel deck the night before they left.  As Happy Hour appears to go for 4 hours, there may have been many beers…

There were about 20 of them all up, including mechanics and guides, along with two backup trucks to carry all your gear, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Scott went to Nepal: Himalayan Heroes March 2017Heading off from Kathmandu, they got their first views of Mount Everest as they road into the hills of Daman.  Scott was really surprised with the accommodation, it was way better than he expected.  Scott didn’t read a lot of the information provided by Himalayan Heroes about the trip, so he didn’t realise the style of accommodation he would be put up in.

He was expecting sleeping bags and tents, and what he got was quirky, eclectic accommodation which ranged from permanent tents “glamping style” to 4 star hotels!  Of course, the best bit was that there was always a cold beer on a arrival and lots of good local food.

Scott went to Nepal: Himalayan Heroes March 2017The trip covered such a wide area of Nepal, the bustling city of Kathmandu, villages, mountains, sunrise over Everest, the amazing Chitwan National Park… and so much more.

A perfect example of how Scott didn’t read the itinerary was when the group arrived at Chitwan National Park and he was surprised to find they would be spending the day on an elephant instead of a bike!  It seems everyone else knew except him…

The riding was amazing with incredible views… the variety of riding experiences was ridiculous!  Scott was watching back some video he took today and he was amazed at what the Royal Enfield Classic 500 he rode put up with.  Sure there were some on the trip, like Jarrod, who opted to ride the new Royal Enfield Himalayan over the dirt roads and optional bitumen, but Scott wanted to go old school.

Would he do it again?  Yes, he is already planning to go Mongolia with the same group in 2019.

You can find out more about Himalayan Heroes and the rides they offer by clicking here.   If you book using the code “SCOOTER100”, you’ll save US$100 on your trip.  Scott and his mates did the Stairway to Heaven ride through Nepal.

Scott went to Nepal: Himalayan Heroes March 2017

BTW, we did pay for this trip, Scott just enjoyed it so much he wants everyone else to as well.