Vespa GTS 300 Touring

DRIVEAWAY PRICING $10,890 (includes 6 months dual seat registration)

A spirit of adventure among Vespa travel lovers

Available in Blue Avio (Blue) and Beige Eleganza (Cream).

Vespa GTS 300 Touring


Vespa GTS Touring stands out for its evocative top fairing, which offers added protection without impacting on its elegance, and its rear luggage rack that, combined with the spacious under-saddle compartment, guarantees excellent load capacity when embarking on those unforgettable holidays, alone or in two. Available in Beige Eleganza and the new Blue Avio, Vespa GTS Touring also features a refined and elegantly upholstered saddle and a dedicated plate on the back of the shield. The 300cc Quasar engine makes the Vespa GTS Touring being one of the most powerful and responsive Vespa of all time.

The “on-board” technological level increases in the lighting system, thanks to the ultimate LED technology, both on the front round headlamp and rear ends, as well as in the LED daylights. These features represent the best solution in terms of visibility, in all possible weather conditions, and a very nice stylistic choice. The front end features a redesigned shield, at the centre of which is the unmistakeable horn cover, now longer and enhanced with three decorations. The new Vespa GTS Touring offers a new saddle able to ensure greater comfort for both rider and passenger. The under-saddle compartment makes optimum use of the available space including the glove box, inside which there is a USB port, useful for the charging of external devices. An exciting mix of handling and stability, also thanks to the generous section tyres fitted on 12 inch diameter wheel rims. The double-disc braking system ensures prompt deceleration, on different road conditions during your trip, with a reserve of modularity to put even neophytes at ease.