Don’t you just hate it when the surf is up but you can’t get a park? If you’ve got a motorcycle or a scooter, why not fit a board rack to your bike! Then you can carry your board down to the surf without the hassle of parking the car.

The board racks we stock are a full aluminum build, so no rust, and they fit directly onto your existing cargo rack.

These have been specifically designed to carry your surfboard on your scooter or motorcycle, but they will also carry your boogie board, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, or sun shades – whatever you can think of.

We’ve fitted 100’s of Surfboard Racks to many different scooters and motorcycles over the years – Odds are we may have already fitted one to the same make and model!

We have just a small selection of what we have in store here online!  If you are chasing something we don’t have listed here, please contact us here or give us a ring on 07 5455 5249 and we will do our best to help you out.

You can checkout our returns policy by clicking here.

  • Carver Surfboard Rack Moped


    or fortnightly 4 payments of $57.49 with Afterpay!

    We’ve had a long relationship with Carver Board Racks from our first order in 2010 to now. They are one of our constant stocked items and we love them. In fact, if we don’t have them in stock, it’s because they are out of stock in Australia and we will have at least 10 of them on back order!

    Why? I hear you ask… Because they are awesome. Sturdy, strong, easy to fit and use – and it means no more fighting for a park when the surf is up. The purchase price in itself is well worth the time saving and frustration in finding a place for the car (because who knows how long you will be)!

    A quality board rack which fits directly onto the rear rack of your scooter or motorcycle. You can carry your boogie board, short board or long board on this rack.

    We have fitted 100’s of these over the years so please ask us if you are not sure if you can fit a board rack to your scooter or motorcycle. Or book it in – we can fit it for you!

    Designed in Hawaii since 2003 for surfers and riders.

  • Moved By Bike Surfboard Rack Moped


    or fortnightly 4 payments of $57.49 with Afterpay!

    Moved By Bike Surfboard Rack Moped

    Surfing is so much better when you don’t have to drive to the beach! We were frustrated with the racks on the market, they lacked quick releases on the bars and were wobbly with longboards, and that’s how the MBB Surfboard Rack was born.

    We recommend the racks for boards 7-8 feet in length when bars are mounted together, or longer boards when bars are mounted apart. Racks have been evaluated on typical mounting configurations at speeds up to 30 mph.

    Fits direct onto your existing cargo rack.  Specifically designed to carry your surfboard on your scooter or motorcycle.

    Note:  Ensure that your board rack is fitted correctly and secure prior to use. Not recommended for use in windy conditions or high speeds.  Also, check the relevant legislation in your state in relation to what size board you can carry.

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