Our Favourite Things 1

Here we are with our first “Our Favourite Things” otherwise known as Our Favourite Things 1!

We thought we might share some of the items we really love and use ourselves!  So here is Number 1…


Our Favourite Things 1

Motul Wash & Wax Trigger

Our Favourite Things 1

Motul Wash & Wax Aerosol

I think this would be our unanimous vote for the favourite product we stock.  We all use it, we all love it!

Motul Wash & Wax is an awesome cleaner for your motorcycle or scooter.  It cleans and protects without having to use water at all.  And you can use it pretty much all over your bike – plastics, fairings, frames, rims, swingarms.

Simply spray it on, and wipe it off.   Use a microfibre cloth and we find that the Wash & Wax builds up on the cloth so you can just wipe without spraying (of course, wash your cloth if it gets gritty!),  So it is super easy to use.  One can or trigger pack lasts for ages.

It leaves a protective wax coating to prevent more dirt sticking and it makes your body work shine.  The wax coating is handy for keeping the salt mist off the chromed parts of your scooter as well – especially important if you have a Vespa!

It’s probably the only product we use in store pretty much everyday.   And I like the way it smells as well!

We thoroughly recommend it!

It’s available in store for just $19.95!