Metzeler Tyres coming soon

Metzeler Tyres Logo

As you know we have Pirelli tyres as a standard, in stock all the time tyre…  But given that we are doing so many more tyres these days, we have decided to hold a second brand in store.

We have chosen to go with Metzeler Tyres, which is a German motorcycle tyre manufacturer focused on quality and performance. They are a specific motorcycle tyre manufacturer – that is they don’t make tyres for anything other than motorcycles and scooters…

Metzeler have been manufacturing motorcycle tyres since 1892 and they have a long history which goes hand in hand with motorcycling.

You can check out their Product Catalogue by clicking here.

If you are chasing a tyre which gives the  performance, without sacrificing safety and reliability, then Metzeler might just be the tyre for you!

Metzeler Tyres