Have you heard of the 2 Wheel Action Group (TWAG)?

2 Wheel Action Group (TWAG) is a like-minded group working to bring about change for us riders! Please join in by signing their petition to make it easier and more cost-effective to ride. We want the cost to reflect our low impact on the environment, roads, and infrastructure; please click on the links below for more information and the QR code to sign the petition. Let’s get a better deal for all powered two-wheelers!

Here are some links for you to find out more!

Petition             www.change.org/a-better-deal-for-2-wheels

Website            www.twag.org.au

Facebook          www.facebook.com/2wheelactiongroup

YouTube           https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGStRaBNbBZ-qE-t_0YvGjQ

A better deal for Powered 2 Wheels

With the recession due to COVID-19 taking its toll on our economy, our communities and household budgets, Australia’s governments should be doing much more to encourage people to commute by powered 2-wheel transport (PTWs).

2 Wheel Action Group (TWAG), a consortium of motorcycle, scooter and two-wheeled electric vehicle rider groups, retailers, importers and industry representatives, is petitioning governments to reduce the cost of operating PTWs, by:

• Lowering the cost of 2 Wheel registration and CTP ($50 – 50cc, $100 – LAMS, $200 – Open)
• Standardising registration and CTP Australia-wide
• Allowing LA category vehicles e to be ridden on a car licence Australia-wide
• Incentivising commuters to purchase electric powered 2-wheel transport through green fund rebates (as per current solar rebates) and NO stamp duty charges.
• Delivering national exemptions from motorway, bridge and tunnel toll charges.
• Allowing parking to be free, including on the footpath (as long as public thoroughfares and walkways are not to be compromised or impaired)

TWAG wants the costs of PTWs to reflect their low impact on roads, transport infrastructure and our environment, and to deliver real benefits to community health.

Wayne Gardner agrees. The 1987 motorcycle world champion, former Australian touring car driver, and contributor to Australia’s Road Safety Council, has come on board as the TWAG campaign ambassador. “To get our economy moving, we need to get our people moving. Let’s keep the costs of powered 2-wheel transport as low as the impact they have on our roads, our infrastructure and our environment”, Wayne said.

Incentivising more people to commute on PTWs benefits our communities, economy and environment through:

• reduced air and noise pollution
• reduced traffic and parking congestion
• reduced commuting time
• effective social distancing while commuting
• increased mental wellbeing
• making commuting fun.

Governments spend millions of taxpayers’ dollars on costly construction projects that do not reduce road congestion.  These projects take years to complete and usually run over time and budget. PTWs solve many congestion issues facing our cities, deliver effective social distancing, cut transit times, make commuting more fun, and sharply reduce the cost of getting to work.