Choosing a helmetChoosing a helmetChoosing a helmet

Here are some tips for choosing a helmet:
  1. Do choose a helmet that fits properly;
  2. Do not choose a helmet which interferes with your field of vision or your ability to hear;
  3. Do make sure that when the chin strap is fastened the helmet fits snugly all over your head, and low on your forehead so you can see the edge in the upper field of vision;
  4. Always wear the chin strap tightly and securley fastened when riding;
  5. Do not modify your helmet;
  6. Do check your helmet before each ride for signs of wear or damage;
  7. Do not “park” your helmet on mirror stalks or sissy bars;
  8. Do not carry your helmet on the motorcycle’s helmet lock while riding;
  9. Replace your helmet immediately if it shows signs of wear or damage;
  10. Replace your helmet immediately after an impact, even if no damage is visible;
  11. Replace your helmet at least every five years;
  12. Do not loan or sell your helmet, or buy a used helmet;
  13. Do not wear someone else’s helmet.
  14. Do not remove the Australian Standard approved sticker.

Overall, choose a helmet that fits well and that you feel comfortable in.

Choosing a helmet Choosing a helmet Choosing a helmet