Piaggio Medley 150

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The Medley was designed to meet the multiple needs of contemporary mobility: Practical and Easy but at the same time Fun and Safe to drive. The size and performance of Medley make it a 360-degree scooter, it can be used in the city for daily commuting and over the weekend for trips over medium-range. A distinctive feature of Medley is the slim central tunnel, taken from the concept of Beverly. This solution allows having a large under-saddle compartment and a greater rigidity of the frame which translates into better stability of the vehicle. Piaggio Medley conceives urban mobility smartly and efficiently linking functionality with contemporary style. The first important key is the agility, ease of driving, and lightness; the second key is the innovative crossover line between the high wheel and GT scooter, stability, and load capacity.


Modern and dynamic, Medley 2020 is offered in two variants, a classic and a sport version, to meet the needs of customers seeking greater distinctiveness.


Medley 2020 introduces connectivity in the medium-high wheel segment: it is possible to answer phone calls without removing your hands from the handlebar (Sport Version only).

Medley range now features a powerful full LED headlight for greater safety and a modern LCD instrumentation to monitor vehicle functions.


The shield and the handlebars have been completely redesigned and re-proportioned, introducing new stylistic elements and welcoming the new full LED projector and the new LCD instrument, in a perfect mix of style and functionality.

On the front shield the new three-dimensional honeycomb grid bursts in, with the classic chrome frieze, are interpreted in a more modern and sportier key of the classic “tie”, the unmistakable element of Piaggio vehicles.

A new saddle with a sleeker design and optimized ergonomics for both rider and passenger has been introduced. The vehicle is completed by wheels with a new design that gives a sportier look.

The seat new design with flatter and more padding for maximum comfort. The electric opening of the saddle takes place through convenient handlebar control. To avoid accidental closures there is a retaining spring that keeps the saddle open.

The new Medley overall is characterized by a more dynamic and aggressive line, but without distorting the unmistakable character of the vehicle.

The “wraparound” front combines with the “slim” rear thanks to the tunnel which becomes an element of continuity, aerodynamic, and functionality. Quality and attention to detail are also perceived in the color combinations used for bodywork, saddle, and details.


The introduction of the new full-LED headlight, more effective than traditional headlights, has significantly increased visibility with a consequent improvement in driving safety.

LED technology is also used for position lights and gives the new Medley a unique personality, making it easily identifiable among other scooters in any light conditions.

The MODE button is on both the new instrument and the right side of the handlebar. With short presses of the MODE key, the following information can be displayed cyclically on the multifunction panel:

  • Full speed
  • Average speed
  • Instant consumption
  • Average consumption
  • Autonomy (kilometers/miles)
  • Battery charge status

Connectivity (Sport version)

The Piaggio app represents the access point to the vehicle’s connectivity functions (the MIA platform is standard on the Sport Version) and provides an effective complement to the new electronic dashboard. The app is structured in different screens dedicated to the various groups of additional functions:


If a smartphone is connected to the MIA multimedia system (standard on the Sport version), the MODE button on the right of the handlebar allows you to manage telephone calls and music (playlist). In this situation, the functions of the travel diary continue to be managed using the MODE button integrated on the dashboard.


A Bluetooth helmet communication device is required to access Vespa Mia functionality through a rider helmet.

  • A helmet communication system is not included with the bike
  • A genuine accessory Bluetooth helmet communication device, part number 606948M, is purchased separately as an accessory


According to Piaggio tradition, Medley also aims to differentiate itself from the competition for the attention to detail and the technical solutions adopted.  An exclusive of Medley is the slim central tunnel
where the fuel tank is hidden. The position of the tank under the footrest has three important advantages:

  1. The first advantage is that the under saddle has no bulk and has a high load capacity, up to two full-face helmets.
  2. The second advantage is the possibility of refueling without lifting the saddle.
  3. The third advantage, the lowering of the center of gravity for more stable driving.

Other prominent elements that confirm the quality sought by the Piaggio design to guarantee customers a high degree of satisfaction are:

The front trunk, with the opening through the ignition lock, useful for storing small items. Inside there is a USB socket for charging the smartphone. There is also a battery access door for easy maintenance.

The retractable bag hook that has had an operation improvement operation, now easier to use.

The powerful braking system consists of a generous Ø 260 mm disc at the front and a Ø 240 mm disc at the rear, with dual-piston floating calipers. The braking system is equipped with an ABS anti-lock
braking system (on both brake discs) as standard.

On the Sport version, to emphasize its sporty character, the calipers are in gold color and the discs have a wave shape. The standard anti-lock used is the Bosch two-channel ABS: the ultimate in reliability and efficiency.

The systems adopted on Medley provide a 360 ° safety concept for both the vehicle and the pilot.


The immobilizer anti-theft device integrated into the ignition key is standard. The immobilizer is activated automatically by removing the ignition key and blocking the functionality of the engine control unit, making the scooter unusable; system operation is indicated by the flashing of a special warning light in the dashboard.


In the event of a fall, the Star & Stop system is automatically deactivated, and the engine is switched off.


  • 150cc –Liquid-Cooled –I-get with Start -Stop M


  • LED front lamp
  • LED daytime running light
  • LCD Dashboard
  • MIA Connectivity (S version)
  • Anti-thief –Immobilizer
  • Stop-Start Technology
  • USB port
  • Bike finder (S version)
  • ABS 2 wheels
  • Central fuel tank
  • Large under-seat compartment
  • New front design
  • New saddle material and cut
  • New rim


Piaggio Medley 150

The standard range is offered in:

  • Black Abisso (Metallic Black)
  • Blue Orione (Metallic Blue)
  • White Luna (Pastel White)

The finishes (bumpers, rear handle, and central frame) are in matt Bronze color. The rims are in silver color. Completing the color combination, the saddle is in dark brown.

Piaggio Medley 150 Sport

The Sport range is offered in:

  • Black Meteora (Matt)
  • Grey Materia
  • White Luna

The saddle and the interior are black. The brake discs have a «Wave» shape and the brake calipers are in gold color. The finishes (bumpers, wheels, rear handle, and central frame) are in matt black color. The shock absorbers, the saddle seams, and other details are in red, to give the vehicle more grit. On Medley Sport, there is the identification plate «S».