Benzina Zero V-50

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About the New V Series

Benzina Zero, (In Italian means Petrol Zero) is a local green thinking Brisbane, Queensland based company who recently launched two new electric eScooters, aka, PMD (Personal Mobility Device) to their lineup: the V-10 and V-50.

Benzina Zero are broadening the selection from Electric Road Scooters to micro-mobility choices to help even more individuals transition to an efficient mode of transportation. Electrification goes beyond simply exchanging your traditional car for an electric vehicle. Micro-mobility stands as the sole solution not just to decrease our carbon emissions but also to alleviate the congestion plaguing our cities and built up towns. Benzina Zero were recently awarded Best Emerging Micro-Mobility Company for 2023 by The Business Concept.

No fuel. No emissions. No noise.

As e-scooters gain increasing popularity in Australia, state and territory governments have established specific regulations governing their use in different regions. To keep you well-informed, have a read at the bottom of the page for a summary of the regulations applicable for our home state of Queensland, ensuring you are knowledgeable about the rules regardless of where your V-10 and V-50 adventures may lead you.

V50 escooter by Benzina Zero

V50 eScooter by Benzina Zero


Why settle for less when the V-50 offers the most comfortable e-scooting experience in Australia? Take a seat on the luxurious nicely sized padded saddle and notice the difference. It merges a chic magnesium alloy frame for durability and functionality with a detachable lithium battery for effortless charging.

The only challenging decision you’ll face is choosing the color.

V50 escooter by Benzina Zero

Smart Tech

Manage your V-50 while on the move. Easily unlock the vehicle, modify the performance mode, monitor battery life, and perform more tasks using the intuitive dedicated app.

The V-50 employs a robust 500w rear hub motor, effortlessly propelling you to a maximum speed of 25km/h with smooth efficiency.

V50 escooter by Benzina Zero

Function Style – Additional optional Basket

Effortlessly transport your essentials using the rear carry rack or opt for the additional storage capacity by attaching the optional rear basket.

V50 with Optional Basket

V50 with Optional Basket



  • Max. Speed: 25km/h
  • Range: 35km


  • Black Frame, Black Seat
  • White Frame, Black Seat
  • Wood Frame, Tan Seat

V-50 Benzina Zero e-Scooter


  • Capacity: 48v 10.4Ah
  • Warranty: 12 Months


  • 200V-240V 10A (7h 0-100%)


  • Rating: 500W
  • Max Power: 4100w


  • Length: 1245mm
  • Seat Height: 785mm
  • Height: 1030mm

Net Weight

  • 35kg (including battery)

Max Load Capacity

  • 120kg


  • LED Display
  • Carry Basket Accessory – optional
  • Removable Battery
  • Mobile App


  • LED Front and Rear Lights

E-Scooter Laws in Qld

A Guide to E-Scooter (PMD) Laws in Queensland

On Tuesday, 1 November 2022, new regulations and increased penalties have been enforced for individuals utilising personal mobility devices (PMDs) in Queensland. PMDs encompass various devices such as e-scooters, skateboards, as well as self-balancing devices like solo wheels and segways.

Regarding speed, riders are required to adhere to the relevant speed limits based on their location. In areas without specific speed signs, the speed limits are as follows:

PMD riders must be 12 years old or older. Designed for riders at least 16 years of age, or 12-15 years, with adult supervision

12km/h on footpaths, shared paths, and crossings

25km/h on authorized local roads, dedicated bike paths, and bike lanes

10km/h in shared zones

or adhere to specified path speed limits

Riders are permitted to ride on:

Footpaths, shared and separate paths, and bike paths

Local streets with a speed limit of 50km/h or lower, lacking dividing lines, median strips, or one-way roads with just one clearly defined lane

Bike lanes on streets with a speed limit of 50km/h

Physically-separated bike lanes

It’s essential to note that Queensland aligns the following rules with bicycle regulations:

Use a phone while stationary on a trail or nature strip

Park their e-scooter on a trail or nature strip

Ride diagonally through a pedestrian crossing

Cross the pedestrian side of a separated footpath

Travel through a safety zone near a tram station

For comprehensive information on electric scooter laws in Queensland, refer to the Queensland Government website.

V50 by Benzina Zero city shot