Benzina Zero Duo and Duo+

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Built for Hyper-Utility

Benzina Zero Duo

Ride Your Way

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. This was the whole concept behind the duo. The duo is simple, stylish, and super practical. So whether you are commuting to the office, heading to the beach with your surfboard, or even tackling gig deliveries, the duo can do it all.

Bosch Motor

The duo is powered by the latest in Bosch electric motor technology. These quiet and efficient motors let you enjoy the sounds around you without adding any noise pollution of your own.

No fuel. No emissions. No noise.


With floor-level battery positioning, the duo is purpose-built with a low centre of gravity to ensure confident handling in all situations.

The duo has 12-inch-wheels to provide superior road holding whilst providing highly manoeuvrable handling.


The duo can be recharged anywhere just like your phone. Plug your duo directly into any wall socket. For added flexibility, the battery is easily removable for direct battery recharging.

You’ll never have to find a petrol station again!


Max. Speed: duo: 50km/hr

Range: duo: 105km

Benzina Zero Duo+

The duo+ is equipped with a more powerful version of the quality Bosch motor to give you a higher top speed and more flexibility.



An upgraded combined braking system (CBS) to give the duo+ stronger braking performance in all situations.

Duo Vs Duo+


  • Max. Speed (GPS):
    • duo: 45km/hr
    • duo+: 65km/hr
  • Range:
    • duo: 105km
    • duo+: 95km


  • Brand: Bosch Hub Motor
  • Rating:
    • duo: 1200w
    • duo+: 1500w
  • Max Power:
    • duo: 2200w
    • duo+: 2700w


  • Length: 1765mm
  • Width: 745mm
  • Height: 1105mm
  • Wheel Base: 1210mm
  • Seat Height: 750mm


  • MT2.5 x 12 alloy wheels
  • 90/90-12 tubeless tyres
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Combined Braking System (CBS) on duo+


  • Type: LG/Samsung Lithium
  • Capacity: 60v 42Ah
  • BMS: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years


  • 200V-240V 7A (7h 0-100%)

Net Weight

  • 87kg (including battery)

Max Load Capacity

  • 192kg


  • USB charger
  • Keyless ignition
  • LED Display

Theft Warning System

  • Alarm automatically enabled with timer
  • Flashing warning lights


  • LED front, rear, and directional lights


  • Australia:
    • duo: LA – Able to be ridden with a car licence in QLD, NT, WA, SA. Motorcycle licence required in other states. Please check with your local transport authority.
    • duo+: LC – Motorcycle licence required. Learner-approved motorcycle. Please check with your local transport authority.