1000x315PrimaveraRemiThe Vespa Primavera has arrived!  Come on in and check them out!

The youngest and most dynamic Vespa spirit, that has always driven the world’s best-loved two-wheeler, returns to the model that uses it so well. The Vespa Primavera legend is back.  A radically new design, a new body in steel, new sizes, still agile but even more stable and comfortable.  Thanks to its new 11? wheels, Vespa Primavera is reborn, powered by ultra modern and ecological 50 2T, 125 3V and 150 3V engines.

Thanks to the experience gained with the Vespa 946 project, the Piaggio Style Centre has carried out important, innovative work on the surfaces and sections of the bodywork, coming up with assertive design features that, without betraying the flowing form that every Vespa must have, still manage to add a new touch of up-to-date sparkle.  The steel sheet bodywork, that also acts as a support, is the element that makes the Vespa stand out from every other scooter in the world.  The Vespa Primavera body is completely new, although it maintains a loyalty to a unique construction philosopy and consists of pressed, welded parts.