Super Soco CUX – Ducati (Special Edition) DISCONTINUED

Super Soco has teamed up with Ducati to create the Super Soco CUx Special Edition Ducati electric scooter. A limited-edition luxury version of the current CUx model.

The CUx Special Edition Ducati has a powerful 1300 watt Bosch electric motor that provides quick acceleration and excellent torque. It has a range of 65-70 kilometers. Designed for the city, it is nimble and svelte with a total weight of about 70 kilograms. The livery pays homage to the Race of Champions that took place at World Ducati Week last year. It will be available in limited quantities for the next two years only.

Intelligent light-sensing headlamps

The symmetrical U-Design with integrated daylights and indicator lights dominates the front of the all-new Super SOCO CUx. The headlamp features Matrix LED technology and throws a stunning light onto the road ahead of you for crystal clear visibility.

Endless power BOSCH 17-inch hub motor

Experience the best in electric motion, no oil change or refill, no stinking exhaust gases, no noise pollution. The wheel hub engine together developed with BOSCH with a maximum power of 2788 watts brings the achievement completely without gear or delay on the street and accelerates you faster than customary petrol engines on maximum speed.

Small size, big power Exclusive CU customized lithium battery pack

Elegant and practical (SOC indicated). Weight 10.5kg (light and portable) Max range 75km (Tested on flat road,rider weight 75kg, average riding speed 45km/h, temperature 26?).

Smart cockpit An all-in-one intelligent dashboard

The illuminated, multifunctional display adjusts automatically to prevailing light conditions and features crystal clear 150° wide-angle readability. All kind of information is displayed in a simple and self-explaining way.

Battery Technology

Larger capacity and safer. Honeycomb structure design with geometric mechanics. Safer distance between battery cells. New thermal technology. Better battery cell performance.


Max.Power 2788w
Motor Type Electric Hub
Motor Brand BOSCH
Power Management FOC Vector Controller 3.0
Max.Motor Torque 115N-m
Max.Climbing Angle 15°


Wheelbase 1320mm
L*W*H 1782x318x1087mm
Seat Height 720mm
Ground Clearance 140mm
Front Wheel 90/90-12
Rear Wheel 90/90-12
Max Loading Weight 150kg


Max.Range 75-80km
Battery Type Lithium
Battery Capacity 60V/30Ah
Charging Time 7hours
Charger 90V-240VAC


Lights LED(front,rear,flashing)
Display LCD
Remote Key 2 Pieces

To download the Super Soco CUx Brochure, click here.