Piaggio Australia loaned us a Piaggio X10 500cc scooter during our stay in Melbourne over Easter this year.  We were staying at the Paris End of Collins Street (not quite the Paris that is featured in the official Piaggio X10 video) and the Piaggio X10 fitted into the area perfectly.

X10 in Melbourne3

There is a bucket load of storage on this scooter – the underseat capacity is 52L which is more than enough for 2 open face helmets and associated gear.  As well as a great sized glove box with a 12V outlet, there are also two front storage compartments in the inner front fairing (one of which has a handy USB port for charging your phone or ipod while on the move).

The seat is really comfortable, especially the pillion seat, with an adjustable lumbar support for the rider.  Given the Melbourne weather, the large windscreen gave us a bit of protection from the rain and the cold wind.

We took a couple of rides around town and the X10 handled the rough roads, potholes and tram lines just fine.  Our last day with the Piaggio X10 included a ride out to Piaggio Australia headquarters to return the scooter, which took us along the West Gate Freeway and we zoomed along with the other traffic easily.  The Melbourne rain started on the last of the freeway stretch and once we were inside the new Piaggio Australia warehouse, the heavens really opened!  We just made it, which was lucky as we didn’t have any wet weather gear with us.

Unfortunately the weather turned on us and we didn’t get too much of a chance to use the Piaggio X10 as much as we would have loved to.

X10 in Melbourne1